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APF COMPACT apparatus prefixing autoclave

These machines, usually named "pre-fixings" or "vaporizers", represent the best solution for the steam-heating treatment.
This treatment is made on both artificial and natural yarn and on articles too, heating them in presence of humidity, i.e. by steam inside suitable autoclaves.

This heating process zeroes the discards caused by the typical handling faults, thermo-fixes and eliminates every undesired twisting effect from the fibers. The product, treated in this way, presents a remarcable shrinking and elasticity which increase its value. Two models are available:

  • atmospheric, with the maximum working temperature of 98°C at the sea-level;
  • pressurized up to 3,5 Bar of internal over-pressure, with the maximum working temperature of 148°C al the sea-level.
The whole construction is made with AISI 304 stainless steel. Our APF COMPACT apparatus are mounted and connected on a frame, so that the customer must only connect it to his own feeding and wasting nets: neither the fixing at the ground is requested. Our autoclaves are entirely insulated with rock wool protected by aluminium sheets, so to reduce the steam consumption and the warming up of the room.


Before the steam inlet, an high vacuum must be done inside the autoclave, in order to let the steam reach the inmost layers of the articles.
In the APF apparatus a suitable distribution-chamber and a powerful fan guarantee a regular steam distribution.

pre-fixings or vaporizers

This studied steam distribution and its superheating compared with the ambient, avoid the formation of steam condensation on the autoclave upper side and hence any condensation drop on the material. These machines are controlled by a very easy-to-use electronic panel, which includes several warning levels.
The door, the locking system, the warnings and the safety devices are always suited to the requested highest temperature and pressure. The following four sizes are available:

APF 120 COMPACT 1 120
APF 300 COMPACT 1 300
APF 600 COMPACT 2 600
APF 900 COMPACT 3 900