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GRANDIS SRL company has been operating on the textile market for more than 20 years and the reached excellent technological results grant it a prestigious name on the Italian and international market.
The numerous companies which choose to use its products (incomparable in high quality and performance) show how Grandis deserves the role of model which everybody wish to reach.

Always in the vanguard in the research and development of solutions for any production need, Grandis offers a large range of products in dyeing and finishing field, which succeed in satisfying all the different today's production realities (both of the big and the medium/small hosiery and dyeing companies).
Able to insure an high quality level matched to low production costs, Grandis machines can be completely integrated inside a full automatic industry as well as inside an half-automatic or manual one.

Grandis srl textile market:  products in dyeing and finishing field