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ATCM series cabinet-sets are studied for dyeing stockings and pantyhose

The ATCM series cabinet-sets are studied for dyeing stockings and pantyhose of polyamidic fiber in bags or drawers, or yarn in hanks. They are available in two basic models:

  • atmospheric, with the maximum working temperature of 98°C at the sea-level;
  • pressurized up to 0,4 Bar of internal over-pressure, with the maximum working temperature of 108°C at the sea-level.

Low liquor-ratio. The construction, really sturdy and accurate, assuring a long life without problems, is totally made in AISI 316L stainless steel.
The internal bath-circulation is guaranteed by a high-efficency helicoidal reversible propeller.
Many options and personalized arrangements are available in order to speed up the work and save labour:

  • half-load facility without changing the liquor-ratio;
  • pneumatic valves;
  • colours station built-in or separated, with one or more tanks;
  • re-circulation device;
  • manual, half-automatic, automatic or computerized control.
dyeing cabinet-sets

Cabinet-set provided with drawers, drawers-holder and truck, for a quick and safe moving of the material.
The drawers, best solution for dyeing already boarded material, are prepared in the fixing department without taking them out the drawers-holders; then they are stocked on their trucks in the dyeing room, and quickly pulled into the cabinet-sets.


Colours Kitchens

Centralized colour kitchens.
Each station has two tanks, stirrer, high pressure pump and pneumatic valves. An auxiliary control panel enables the operations, both manually and by electronic controller.