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ATC Statica dyeing machines of polyamidic fiber


The ATC apparatus are universally recognized as faultless dyeing machines with no problems. Completely built in stainless steel AISI 316L (even in those parts not interested by the bath), they result to be sturdy, compact and silent.

These apparatus are suitable for dyeing in bags stockings and pantyhose: they dye perfectly every kind of polyamide fibre (Lycra, Microfibre, etc), mixed with cotton too.
They are available in two basic models:

  • atmospheric, with the maximum working temperature of 98° C at sea-level;
  • pressurized up to 0,4 Bar of internal over-pressure, with the maximum working temperature of 108°C at sea-level.


The low liquor-ratio of these machines grants a high saving of energy costs (such as water, steam and electric power), as well as chemical dyeing products.
The hydraulic and mechanic characteristics of the pump, fitted inside the bath in the middle of the special bottom of the machine, guarantee an uniform circulation of bath and dyestuffs, in short times and with a high saving of energy.


International patent pending. The most up-to-date and complete dyeing machines with variable loading capacity, on purpose studied to dye little productions and samples. These machines have all qualities and features of the bigger units, automatisms included.